Yoga, Qigong and reflexology to reconnect you, in the midst of your busy life, to your fluid natural rhythms, your inborn vitality and the person you really are.

I teach regular Yoga classes in Cambridge, UK – plus Qigong classes, workshops and one-to-one sessions – for your general physical and emotional wellbeing.
I also offer group and private sessions for women’s health and blossoming, for fertility and pre-conception care, and for menstrual, gynaecological and menopausal issues.
My classes are warm, friendly, unintimidating spaces, that are open to all – men (unless specified) and women of any age, fitness, flexibility or experience. The only prerequisite is a desire to explore the power of practice to nurture, heal, empower and transform.



Tiffany Bown Tiffany Bown Tiffany Bown

36 Hardwick Street, Cambridge, UK, CB3 9JA | 07570 985988 |